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Canary Bacon


Canary’s is a locally owned family restaurant with an incredibly friendly staff. It has quickly become one of my son’s favorite eateries, and I can’t say I mind. The menu includes “Our Special Burger” which is a half pound Patty of ground round. Ordered here without lettuce and I like to top it with Thousand Island dressing.

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Bacon in Eggs



Any omelet with bacon and cheese is a good omelet. Especially when drizzled with chipotle sauce.



But why stop there? Kayla put together this beast yesterday with bacon, sausage, potatoes and cheese, also drizzled with chipotle sauce.

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Stuff It!


Local Tavern called this a stuffed cheeseburger.  Claimed it was a cheeseburger stuffed with macaroni and cheese, to be exact.  What it was, however, was a large beef patty, topped with a helping of creamy macaroni and cheese and then covered with a second beef patty, cheese and bacon.  An easy 2/3 pounds of beef on this beast.  The combination of cheeses made it very tasty, and I refused to leave a single bite behind.

Lindsey was our waitress on this Tuesday afternoon, and she’s easily one of my favorites there.


It’s a Wing Thing


Only in America do the chicken have fingers and the buffalo have wings. And when talking Buffalo Wings, Chet & Matt’s Pizza serves up some seriously good ones. Big wings, full of meat and in a variety of flavors including the above pictured Hot Garlic Parmesan or the huge BBQ wings below.


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