Why Start the Day with Breakfast?

When you can start it with dessert?

wpid-20140808_083225.jpgThis had to be what was going through Kayla’s mind when she came up with this sweet concoction.  First she makes French Toast, but not just any French Toast.  Oh no, she make French Vanilla French Toast, and that’s just the base.  Then she tops this with a hearty glop of sweet strawberries, a dollop of whipped cream, and a drizzle of honey.

Estimated calorie content:  Astronomical!

When I finished this “breakfast” I was both pleasantly stuffed and on a sugar high for hours.  Luckily she doesn’t make this combination often or I would be fatter than I already am.




Scooter’s Cardinal Dawg


Scooter’s Dawg House is more or less a typical purveyor of “gourmet” hot dogs.  Basically they offer quality hot dogs with any combination of a lengthy list of toppings.

The “Cardinal Dawg” is one of my favorites, simply topped with grilled onions and red peppers.  Seems pretty plain compared to some of their “named” combos with too many topping to list, but is very tasty.  As I work my way through their menu I have crossed off many, but will definitely circle this one for the future!


Just Because You Can Do A Thing….

Does not mean you should do that thing.

The Gia Grande is just such a thing.

Three, yes three, Angus patties.

Three, yes three, types of cheese.

Atop which sits some pickle slices and special sauce.

I’m not sure why, but a group of us decided to head to Local Tavern to conquer this monster.  The three of us marched in, challenge accepted, it was time to take the Triple!

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@CleBurgerBlog Made Me Do It!

[Courtesy of @CleBurgerBlog ]
After reading a review of Midway Oh Boy! on the Cleveland Burger Blog I felt obligated to the place out.

wpid-20140727_161151.jpgI too ordered the Bernieburger, but I  skipped the copious amounts of lettuce to focus on the onions, bacon, barbecue sauce and Oh Boy sauce.

The Oh Boy sauce looks like mayo, and has a similar consistency.  It does not taste like mayo though!  I can not even begin to calculate what they use to flavor this condiment, but it is a mighty fine burger topping.

Even without the lettuce the Bernieburger is quite messy and a trick to handle.  Having the BBQ sauce on the bottom may add to this by somewhat soaking through the fresh bun, but the flavor made up for all it.  An very tasty flavor combination where you can actually taste the beef, the bacon, the sauces and the onions, all combining together.

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