Putting the App in @Applebees with #MozzieSticks


Sometimes you desire an appetizer with your meal, and Applebee’s is ready for you when you do.  While the Brew Pub Pretzels with Beer Cheese Dip looked delicious, I went with my old favorite.  Mozzarella Sticks, affectionately called #MozzieSticks by ARI of the @AppleBees Twitter Account.  I now find myself refering to them as Mozzie Sticks as well.

Now though delicious, Mozzarella Sticks are by no means unique.  Most places offer some version of deep fried cheesy goodness on their menu.  What makes Applebee’s stand out is that they cook them right!  Check this out, no cheese leakage.  Anyone who loves deep fried cheese products is familiar with the disappointed which accompanies an epic fail such as this Fried Provolone Wedge from Panini’s.

2014-03-25 20.52.40

Over cooked to the point that the cheese explodes from it’s breaded enclosure, leaving you with nothing more than burnt breading.  So when you can go to Applebee’s and get reliably cooked Mozzie Sticks, it is something to take  note of.

Oh look, Chicken Quesadilla Grande?  Be right back…….


Turkey, Bacon, Swiss @DiBellasSubs


For a limited time, enjoy a Turkey, Bacon, Swiss sub at Dibella’s.  You won’t regret it.  I got mine with mayo, pickles and banana peppers and it was delicious.  This sandwich is packed with meat and bacon.  Nothing like the crap you get at Subway, yet not much more in price!

Any self respecting sandwich lover who has never been to DiBella’s is missing out.  Click HERE to find a location near you.

Be forewarned, their medium is enough to feed most mortals.  The large is a freaking monster!  If you don’t believe me, I suggest you check my post aptly called “DiBella’s Did Me In”.


#Bacon , #BuyLocal and @TheRailBurger


The Rail is a restaurant that takes “buy local” to a whole new level.  Not only do they use locally sourced beef, but even much of their bar is stocked with locally sourced beverages.  From local brewers like Fat Head’s to Buckeye Vodka which is also brewed in Ohio  Having been recommended by a couple of friends, I had to try it out.  Not because of the local focus, but because I was told they had good burgers!

Of their many options I chose the “Local Yokel”, and not just out of respect for the witty play on words.  Boasting Ohio thic-cut bacon, fried local egg and Swiss cheese I honestly didn’t even read any further down the menu.

It was a good burger on a fresh bun with a healthy helping of excellent bacon.  The egg was over easy as requested and the burger is served with a stick through it which prevents embarrassing yoke explosions on the first bite.  This last point may not be intentional, but it’s still the little things that count.

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The Sweet Side of @RedRobinBurgers



Everyone knows that Red Robin has bottomless Steak Fries with their burgers. What you may not know is that for a slight upcharge you can sub some of the best Sweet Potatoes Fries you have ever had. Not only that, but they are also BOTTOMLESS! That’s right, they just keep coming.



Seriously worth the upcharge and a perfect match for any burger.

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We call it “The Kayla”

2014-09-29 08.53.53

Always striving to better her best creations, Kayla has created something beyond comparison.  Beyond description.  Something so awe inspiring it can only be called one thing.

The Kayla!

2014-09-29 08.53.34


4 meats, 3 cheeses, scrambled egg, hash browns and chipotle sauce all on whole grain grilled wheat bread.  Arby’s “Meat Mountain” can not even compare to this deliciously created collection of calories. She grilled the ham with the Swiss cheese, and the Turkey with the Provolone.  The American cheese melted to the scrambled eggs and bacon completing 3 levels of brilliant flavor combinations only to have the sausage, hash browns and chipotle sauce added in for that little something special.