@CleBurgerBlog Made Me Do It!

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After reading a review of Midway Oh Boy! on the Cleveland Burger Blog I felt obligated to the place out.

wpid-20140727_161151.jpgI too ordered the Bernieburger, but I  skipped the copious amounts of lettuce to focus on the onions, bacon, barbecue sauce and Oh Boy sauce.

The Oh Boy sauce looks like mayo, and has a similar consistency.  It does not taste like mayo though!  I can not even begin to calculate what they use to flavor this condiment, but it is a mighty fine burger topping.

Even without the lettuce the Bernieburger is quite messy and a trick to handle.  Having the BBQ sauce on the bottom may add to this by somewhat soaking through the fresh bun, but the flavor made up for all it.  An very tasty flavor combination where you can actually taste the beef, the bacon, the sauces and the onions, all combining together.

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Breakfast Wrap Done Right!

wpid-2014-07-25-08.43.57.png.pngBreakfast Wrap, Breakfast Burrito, call it what you will.  What matters is that when Kayla wraps your breakfast in these over sized flour tortillas the result is instantly addictive.

Kayla puts the perfect mix of bacon, sausage, cheese and eggs together with a chipotle sauce  before masterfully wrapping it all up and cutting it into the too taste explosions you see above.  Others can make them, but they do not compare.  Sadly, the flour tortillas aren’t regularly stocked, but I’m hoping to change that.



The Sicilian



I have had many Italian Subs from many places over the years.  Most good, some very much so, but it wasn’t until I experienced the Sicilian that realized how good an Italian Sub could be.

Verde’s Imported Foods is a little Italian deli packed full of good stuff to eat.  On my first visit Bob suggested that I try the Sicilian.  Having lunched with Bob before I greatly respected his taste in lunch cuisine and did as he suggested.  I have been there many times since, almost weekly in fact, and can not resist getting the Sicilian each and every time I go.

First off it is loaded with fresh meats making it easily twice as filling as any Subway footlong, not to mention the vast difference in quality of the ingredients.  That is not what makes it so special though.  It is the perfect combination of flavors that they have captured in this one perfectly made sub.  Is it the fresh meats?  The Sharp Provolone? the roasted red peppers or maybe the uniquely tangy dressing?  Personally I think it is a combination of these things together.  The quintessential Italian sub which always leaves me sated and content.


Where’s the Beef?

wpid-20140509_123611.jpgWhen I saw the Pizza Burger at Maxim’s I knew it was something I had to try.  Looked to be a 1/2 patty sandwiched between pieces of pizza, what could go wrong?  Of course if I was going to try it the “optional” sweet peppers were a must.

So one day when the guys were headed to Maxim’s for lunch I asked them to pick me up a “Pizza Burger”.  Now I like Maxim’s and have had many good lunches from there, but this was not quite what I expected.  The term “burger” was used quite loosely as the sandwich contained no beef.  Rather than a hamburger patty it was a 1/2 of sausage between 2 slices of pizza.  Now this may be fine for some, and quite excellent for others, but for me it was a disappointment.  I was lured in by the thought of a juicy burger, covered with Italian sweet peppers and instead I got a glorified sausage patty.

I fully realize the fault is mine for not asking.  Had I asked I would have ordered their amazing Meatball Sub.  Now THAT is a sandwich, but unfortunately a matter for a future posting.



A Few of My Favorite Things…


My favorite pizzas off Chet & Matt’s pizza & wing buffet include these tasty offerings. The creamy and delicious Mac and Cheese pizza is a unique taste and very good.

Also pictured is their BBQ Chicken pizza. Though most everyone now offers something like this, none I have had are as good. The shredded chicken, bathed in Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ and smothered in a mixture of cheeses is a flavor combination I find hard to resist.


Stacked beneath some more BBQ Chicken slices are a few slices of their Chicken Alfredo Pizza.  Though I prefer the BBQ, I have yet to find a place that served a better Chicken Alfredo.  

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Rockets Roasted BBQ


Every once in a while you stumble upon a pizza that is really note worthy, and the Rockets Roasted BBQ pizza from Chet & Matt’s Pizza is just such a pizza.

The menu describes it as:

Really great BBQ chicken and Chet & Matt’s cheese blend. Optional items: red onions

What it fails to mention is that it’s shredded chicken, not the normal chunks, and that it uses Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce.  I don’t know about you, but Sweet Baby Ray’s is one damned good BBQ!

Though the menu says the red onions are “optional” I say otherwise.  They are such an amazing addition to the overall flavor that they should be considered mandatory.


Philly Has Nothing on Nick’s


The cheese steak sandwich may have originated in Philly, but Nick’s Gyros has perfected it.

Marinated sirloin steak, grilled onions and mushrooms with melted swiss and mayo served on a freshly toasted hoagie bun.


Fried up right in front of you by an ever efficient and friendly staff, this is just one of the many delights available at this local “Gyro Shop”.