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After reading a review of Midway Oh Boy! on the Cleveland Burger Blog I felt obligated to the place out.

wpid-20140727_161151.jpgI too ordered the Bernieburger, but I  skipped the copious amounts of lettuce to focus on the onions, bacon, barbecue sauce and Oh Boy sauce.

The Oh Boy sauce looks like mayo, and has a similar consistency.  It does not taste like mayo though!  I can not even begin to calculate what they use to flavor this condiment, but it is a mighty fine burger topping.

Even without the lettuce the Bernieburger is quite messy and a trick to handle.  Having the BBQ sauce on the bottom may add to this by somewhat soaking through the fresh bun, but the flavor made up for all it.  An very tasty flavor combination where you can actually taste the beef, the bacon, the sauces and the onions, all combining together.

The fries are shoestring style, which my son loved, but I prefer something more substantial.  With their long list of sides I don’t see this as preventing future visits.  Sweet potato fries, deep fried pickle spears, fried mushrooms, poppers and so much more.

It is definitely a classic style diner, with seats at the counter as well as tables along the side and a friendly staff.  Other menu highlights besides the burgers and sides are a number of baskets.  They offer baskets of shrimp, chicken, fish or clams, all including fries and a dinner roll.  This made my son’s day!  He got the shrimp basket and was so pleased he can’t wait to return.



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