Don’t Triple the Burger, Triple the Bacon



At @Applebee’s the Triple Bacon Burger is not a triple stacked bacon cheeseburger, as you might expect.  Rather it is a  bacon cheeseburger with triple the bacon.  Well, not actually triple, but they do trump the typical slices of bacon on top by also cooking bacon into the burger and including a bacon ranch sauce underneath.

wpid-20140915_124216_forsythe-ln.jpg.jpegFirst take?  It’s a good bacon cheeseburger.  I like the bun, the bacon was tasty, cheddar a good choice of cheeses.  It did not seem as overwhelmingly bacon as I might have expected, or even hoped for though.  The bacon ranch sauce was either too mild, or forgotten, as I really didn’t notice it at all.

What this all means is that I have to try it again.  Did my stacking excessive pickles on my burger take away from the bacon flavor?  Should I have asked for extra bacon ranch sauce?  I will be sure to update this review with the answers to these questions, and more….



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