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The Rail is a restaurant that takes “buy local” to a whole new level.  Not only do they use locally sourced beef, but even much of their bar is stocked with locally sourced beverages.  From local brewers like Fat Head’s to Buckeye Vodka which is also brewed in Ohio  Having been recommended by a couple of friends, I had to try it out.  Not because of the local focus, but because I was told they had good burgers!

Of their many options I chose the “Local Yokel”, and not just out of respect for the witty play on words.  Boasting Ohio thic-cut bacon, fried local egg and Swiss cheese I honestly didn’t even read any further down the menu.

It was a good burger on a fresh bun with a healthy helping of excellent bacon.  The egg was over easy as requested and the burger is served with a stick through it which prevents embarrassing yoke explosions on the first bite.  This last point may not be intentional, but it’s still the little things that count.


One quirk is that everything is ala cart.  Their burgers do not come with sides and their sides only come in one size.  That size serves roughly 1 1/2 normal humans, or a couple if she doesn’t eat much.  I went with the onion rings, which are deliciously battered and arrive stacked in a cup.  Very tasty, though I wish I had asked for chipotle sauce to dip them in.  Then they would have been divine.

It’s a smallish place with a nice atmosphere and a friendly staff.  The food is good and arrives as ordered.   I can’t say it is my favorite place, but it is someplace I will definitely return too.


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