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When It’s Good To Go To The Dawg House

2015-03-24 12.12.28


Scooter’s Dawg House!  Not only do they have some of the absolute BEST onion rings around, but check out the dawg! This is a “Long” Bacon & Cheese Dawg and I can’t tell you how delicious it was.  While one of their plainer offerings, it is hard for me to try anything else.


Before becoming so enamored by the Bacon & Cheese Dawg I had a brief relationship with this regular sized Cardinal Dawg, smothered with grilled onions and red peppers.

They also offer the following free condiments to top off your dawg!

Ketchup — Mustard — Onion — Stadium Mustard — Relish — Jalapeño Peppers — Pepper Rings — Dill Pickle Slices — Lettuce — Tomato — BBQ Sauce


Scooter’s Cardinal Dawg


Scooter’s Dawg House is more or less a typical purveyor of “gourmet” hot dogs.  Basically they offer quality hot dogs with any combination of a lengthy list of toppings.

The “Cardinal Dawg” is one of my favorites, simply topped with grilled onions and red peppers.  Seems pretty plain compared to some of their “named” combos with too many topping to list, but is very tasty.  As I work my way through their menu I have crossed off many, but will definitely circle this one for the future!