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Ketchup is Bad

I have finally accepted that ketchup is basically heavily salted high fructose corn syrup. Sure it is addictive and delicious, but there are many condiment options with far less sugar, calories and sodium.

So rather than continue my life long habit of ketchup consumption I am not going to replace the bottle I just emptied. I will instead replace it with hot sauce, salsa, or horseradish sauce. If none of those work I should probably just stop eating whatever it is that tastes that bad.



The @Arbys Meat Mountain


You’ve heard the rumors.

You’ve heard the legend.

I assure you, it is true.

The Arby’s Meat Mountain is real.

It has every meat Arby’s carries, along with 3 cheeses, all on a sesame seed bun.  With some Arby Sauce and Horsey Sauce it is quite a tasty sandwich.  Of course if it was on the onion bun of the Beef & Cheddar, along with the cheese sauce and red sauce, it could be divine!


I fully expected to be met with blank stares when I asked for a “Meat Mountain” as it is not on the menu.  Instead she turned and called back “another Meat Mountain”, and the slicing began.

Were I to have it again I think I would remove the chicken tenders to eat separately and beg for some of the red sauce they use on the Beef & Cheddar.

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