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What SWTOR KOTFE meant to me (SPOILERS)

Star Wars the Old Republic is an awesome game. KOTFE was supposed to be this amazing return to BioWare style story telling and an epic adventure for all. I  was very supportive at first, but as it dragged on and on it became less fun. Once you knew the story there was no reason at all to take other toons through it. Now it’s over and I’ve had time to think of what I gained from playing KOTFE.

It's Dress Like a Pirate Day!
It’s Dress Like a Pirate Day!

What KOTFE was for me:

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The Defeat of @HitchBOT – #RobotLivesMatter


Disgusting creatures… R.I.P. hitchBOT.#501st #StarWars #hitchBOT #Utinni

Posted by The 501st Legion on Tuesday, August 4, 2015