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Low Carb High Fat

The Aftermath

2015-01-12 12.48.04

Eating a low carb. high protein diet can be challenging, but a little creativity can go a long way.  Here is what was left from my delicious Chicken Parmesan “Sandwich”.

The trick was to get the large sandwich so there was enough food to fill me up without eating the bread.  The delicious, fresh-baked, bread….


An Omelet A Day Keeps My Hunger Away

A staple of my high protein/low carb diet have been omelets.  Luckily I am fairly capable of frying up a serviceable 3 egg omelet with any combination of ingredients.


Chicken, chicken, chicken


A protein diet wouldn’t be complete without chicken. Grilled though, not breaded nor fried. Thanks to Tyson this is easier than you may think. They offer grilled chicken breast filets in the frozen aisle!


So I popped out a pair, microwaved and coated with Bacon Salt (which is low sodium, despite the name) and have a healthy meal that tastes good.


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