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How the Inhumans can Survive a Friday Time Slot

Everyone knows that shows given a Friday Time Slot are destined to fail. Why is this? People don’t stay in Friday night to watch TV. They are out at bars with friends or even dating. So why would ABC stick the new Inhumans series in that dismal slot of doom?

Lets think outside the box here.
Disney owns ABC.
Disney owns Marvel.
Disney benefits from having a Marvel property on ABC.
ABC does not benefit having a Marvel property on Thursday night.
ABC does not benefit from anything they put on Friday night.


Disney asks ABC to host the show.
ABC puts it where it isn’t making money anyway.
Result, the show is on and ABC isn’t losing money.

Now this is where it gets interesting. In 1986 college bars had Miami Vice on all the screens every Friday night. It was huge. Now look at all the Geek Pubs springing up around the country and you start to see where I’m going with this. Geeks gathering to watch Inhumans at Geek Pubs. Inhuman Watch Parties. Agents of SHIELD cosplay watch parties!!!!

Many think this is a death sentence for the Marvel TV properties, but I see great potential here. Better, in my opinion, than the 10 PM Tuesday slot. Friday we can all stay up late and hang out with friends to discuss the show we just watched. Cable cutters need not wait till later to watch as they can simply visit the local Geek Pub to view it live. Personally I think it’s great!