The Sicilian



I have had many Italian Subs from many places over the years.  Most good, some very much so, but it wasn’t until I experienced the Sicilian that realized how good an Italian Sub could be.

Verde’s Imported Foods is a little Italian deli packed full of good stuff to eat.  On my first visit Bob suggested that I try the Sicilian.  Having lunched with Bob before I greatly respected his taste in lunch cuisine and did as he suggested.  I have been there many times since, almost weekly in fact, and can not resist getting the Sicilian each and every time I go.

First off it is loaded with fresh meats making it easily twice as filling as any Subway footlong, not to mention the vast difference in quality of the ingredients.  That is not what makes it so special though.  It is the perfect combination of flavors that they have captured in this one perfectly made sub.  Is it the fresh meats?  The Sharp Provolone? the roasted red peppers or maybe the uniquely tangy dressing?  Personally I think it is a combination of these things together.  The quintessential Italian sub which always leaves me sated and content.


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