Just Because You Can Do A Thing….

Does not mean you should do that thing.

The Gia Grande is just such a thing.

Three, yes three, Angus patties.

Three, yes three, types of cheese.

Atop which sits some pickle slices and special sauce.

I’m not sure why, but a group of us decided to head to Local Tavern to conquer this monster.  The three of us marched in, challenge accepted, it was time to take the Triple!

As an added bonus Felicia was our waitress.  I really like her, she’s friendly, attentive and lovely.  My iced tea is never empty when Felicia waits our table and I really need to start requesting her.  Though I often lunch there, I rarely enjoy it as much as when Felicia is our assigned server.

Back to the burger! We are fairly certain this beast of a burger weighs in at a about one full pound of Angus.  It is unquestionably a blatant over indulgence in beef, unfortunately that is about it.  Other than being so tall as to be awkward to eat it otherwise lacks singularity.  I ate it more to say that I did than for any other reason.  I see no reason to order it again.

The Mac Daddy, stuffed with “Mac-n-Cheese, tomato, bacon and American cheese” is better by far. Delicious Mac-n-Cheese oozing out from between a matched pair of Angus patties is the way to go. An Bacon! Did I mention Bacon? Pass on the Gia Grande and go for the Mac Daddy.


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