Not Just Gyros

wpid-20140731_121837.jpg Yet another treat from Nick’s Gyros #1 which may surprise you is the Patty Melt.  Listed on the menu as “Juicy all beef burger patty with grilled onions, swiss & american cheese on grilled rye bread served with thousand island dressing” and priced at $4.99 this baby is a steal!  An extra $2 makes it a Combo with fries (pictured) and a drink.


Now this isn’t the ginormous beast of a burger I often post about, but it is the perfect size for a reasonable lunch.  Also far better ingredients than you will ever get at your fast food joints, despite the comparable price tag.

So if you are a high end burger connoisseur who demands his burger be medium-rare with just the right bit of pink, this ain’t it, but for the rest of us mere mortals it makes for a damned fine lunch option.


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