The BTEB Diet Begins

Well, it’s time for a change. My doctor has challenged me to switch to a protein diet. What’s a protein diet? A diet which avoids carbs, potatoes and sugars. Why potatoes? Because I think my doctor secretly hates me.

All the same she obviously knew that the only way to get me on any diet was to suggest one that allows me to eat bacon. In fact, in a way it justifies eating even more bacon!

So this blog will obviously change along with me. Instead of all the fattening food porn you are accustomed to, you will now follow me through my attempt to customize a protein diet to my liking. The Born to Eat Bacon Diet, or BTEB Diet for short, shall be a work in progress. This progress will be documented here. So join me as we say farewell to bread, so long to French fries, and goodbye to Donuts.

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