Deep! Deep! Dish!


Not sure how this oversight was allowed to occur, but I never posted about the Little Caesars’ Deep! Deep! Dish Bacon Wrapped Pizza.


It is smaller than I expected, but so extremely thick it doesn’t matter. Each slice is a glorious 450 calories. 2 slices should be enough for most any adult, so of course I had 3.  This was not wise and I regretted it the rest of the afternoon.

Now this is basically a pizza wrapped gimmick and not intended to compete with any gourmet pizza.  That said it isn’t all bad, and definitely worth trying. Honestly I could have done with more bacon on top.  the middle of the slices were a bit weak on bacon goodness.

So when you’re with a few friends and feel like carb loading on the cheap, dial up your local Little Caesars and pre-order a Deep! Deep! Dsih! Bacon Wrapped pizza.



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