What SWTOR KOTFE meant to me (SPOILERS)

Star Wars the Old Republic is an awesome game. KOTFE was supposed to be this amazing return to BioWare style story telling and an epic adventure for all. I ¬†was very supportive at first, but as it dragged on and on it became less fun. Once you knew the story there was no reason at all to take other toons through it. Now it’s over and I’ve had time to think of what I gained from playing KOTFE.

It's Dress Like a Pirate Day!
It’s Dress Like a Pirate Day!

What KOTFE was for me:

  1. Story, story, story (provided in endless, impersonal yet beautiful cinematics.
  2. Sky Troopers (The TPS Reports of SWTOR, there only to slow you down and make the chapter seem longer.)
  3. I lost my wife. (Yes, they took my dearest Mako from me.)
  4. I lost my crew. (The crew I dominated previous chapters with is taken and only a few return.)
  5. I get Koth. (An annoying whiny sap who steals my ship!)
  6. I get Senya. (A lying tramp who betrays me in the end.)
  7. I get Scorpio. (A fun, arrogant bitch of a bot who also betrays me.)
  8. I get Lana Beniko. (A reintroduced character who brings me the annoying Koth and treacherous Senya, therefore being more enemy than friend.)

So after a year of sustaining my subscription for this drivel of game play I came away with a pair of droids, an inordinate amount of HK-55 inspired items, and the knowledge that I have just been betrayed by every woman in the entire expansion.

I’ve been betrayed by enough women in real life, I don’t need to pay to experience it in a game. I’ll continue playing SWTOR, because I love the game, but I don’t see any reason to subscribe going forward as I have less than no interest in playing KOTET which is obviously based on the women who betrayed me in KOTFE.

Let me know when I can put Senya’s head on a pike next to Koth’s. Until then, deal me out BioWare, my changes didn’t matter.


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